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About Mesta

Every day, all over Norway, Mesta is present to ensure that people arrive safely, wherever their destination. With almost 200 years of experience working with infrastructure, we hold the leading position in the Norwegian market for road maintenance services.

Mesta was established on 1 January 2003, at which time the production division of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration was demerged as a separate limited company and made subject to competition.

Since inception the business has been significantly restructured, and today Mesta is a modern company with cutting-edge expertise within roads, railways, electro and energy, which constitute our four major business areas.

Our long history of building and maintaining roads combined with our passion to stay in front provides us with the continued capability to maintain and establish infrastructure. In this way, we attain our greatest objective:


  • Drift og vedlikehold

    Vision and Values

    Mesta as is a value-driven company. Our vision (we show the way) says where we are going. Our values (focus, will to change, holistic responsibility and honesty) lead us there. Our values help us to make the right choices each and every day.

  • mesta


    Mesta is divided into five regions, as well as Electro.

  • Harald Rafdal


    The company is led by Harald Rafdal, together with six Directors and three Staff Directors.

  • Our history

    Mesta has a long and proud history as one of the largest suppliers of operations and maintenance of Norway's infrastructure.

  • Name and logo

    The name Mesta is an associative name and is a construction of the Norwegian "å mestre"; to master. The name embodies skill, responsibility and pride.

  • Key Figures

    For more-detailed information, see the annual report.

  • Ownership and board

    The Board of Directors consists of nine members, primarily drawn from private industry and employees. The company's general assembly is the Norwegian government, in the form of the Minister for Trade and Industry.