Our history

Mesta has a long and proud history as one of the largest suppliers of operations and maintenance of Norway's infrastructure.

2013 - Mesta is 10 years old

In January, Mesta celebrates its first 10 years.

2012 - Mesta crosses the border

Mesta establishes a presence in Sweden and wins their first operations contract in the same year.

2012 - The Business-Group model is dismantled

Mesta Konsern AS, Mesta Drift AS and Mesta Elektro AS are merged into one company – Mesta AS. Mesta Verksted, Mesta Eiendom and Mesta Sverige remain as independent limited (AS) companies.

2011 – Record profits

Mesta records profits of 232 MNOK; the best result in Mesta's history to date.

2011 - Sales and restructuring

Mesta Industri is sold to Lemminkäinen Norge, and Geo Survey is sold to Svenska Mätcenter. Mesta Drift astablishes Mesta Drift Bane and wins several major contracts with the Norwegian government's agency for railway services, Jernbaneverket.

2010 - Halving of absence from work due to injury

The health, safety and environmental campaign "I CARE" reduces the number of injuries, halving injury-related absence from work across the Mesta Group.

2010 - First year of recording profits, as a Business Group

The results of a significant restructuring during recent years become apparent in 2010. Three years of recording a loss are overturned and a profit is recorded.

2008 - New President & CEO

Harald Rafdal becomes President and CEO in November 2008. He replaces Kyrre Olaf Johansen, who had led Mesta since its establishment.

2008 - Establishment of the Business Group

Mesta's operations are reorganised into independent subsidiaries: Mesta Drift AS, Mesta Entreprenør AS, Mesta Asfalt AS, Mesta Elektro AS, Mesta Stein AS, Mesta Verksted AS and Mesta Eiendom AS. Geo Survey AS was already a stand-alone subsidiary.

2006 - Mesta becomes a trademark

In 2006, Mesta embarks upon a comprehensive profile and recruiting campaign on TV, radio and in newspapers. The campaign results in Mesta gaining the second-highest rated growth in reputation in Norway for 2006, and is awarded the Trade Prize from the Communications Association.

2005 - Change in ownership

The State's ownership of Mesta AS is transferred from the Ministry of Transport and Communications to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

2003 - Establishment of Mesta AS

Mesta AS is established on 1st January 2003 as the result of a demerging of the construction division of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen); it becomes a separate limited company (AS) which is now to be subjected to competitive forces. The owner is the Ministry of Transport and Communications.