Vision and Values

Mesta as is a value-driven company. Our vision (we show the way) says where we are going. Our values (focus, will to change, holistic responsibility and honesty) lead us there. Our values help us to make the right choices each and every day.

Our vision is indicative of Mesta’s ambition. As the leader in road construction and maintenance during the past 180 years, we see it as natural that Mesta as will also be at the forefront in the future. We shall proceed forward and lead the way within our special areas of expertise.

We fully intend for our vision and core values to be used as practical tools and mental checklists by our staff on a daily basis. It is only in this manner that the principles they represent will truly have an impact and help us to reach our objectives. It is important to emphasize that our vision and values pertain to everyone at our company, regardless of function, level or geographic location.


  • We focus on our customers, make them better and learn from them.
  • We focus on our operations and our strengths, and make this apparent to our customers.
  • We prioritize profitability above volume. 
  • We become profitable through streamlining our operations.

The will to change

  • Change is a natural part of our daily operations. 
  • We have the will and courage to change – and not just in step with our surroundings, but ahead of them.
  • We acknowledge that the things we did previously were not wrong, but rather that we are ever adapting based on the fact that our surroundings are subject to constant change. 
  • We are receptive to suggestions for change and provide our own suggestions as well.

Holistic Responsibility

  • We all take responsibility for our respective work duties while also being dedicated to and taking initiative with respect to the larger whole of which we are a part.  
  • We take responsibility and initiative, and do not wait around on others.  
  • We are team players, not just individual participants.  
  • We win or lose together. 


  • We are genuine and clear in both our words and actions. 
  • We are trustworthy.  
  • We have a responsibility to state our opinions, but loyally support the decisions that are made. 
  • We are realistic and see the world the way it is – not the way we wish it could be.
  • We have the courage to deal with conflicts.