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Whether it is overhead power lines, lighting on platforms or signalling systems that need work, we have the expertise, the people and the experience necessary to do the job.

Mesta is a complete supplier of rail-works in Norway. Here are some og are main products

Ground Engineering

We perform ground engineering for the laying of rails throughout the country. Mesta has the necessary rail-mounted construction equipment which enables us to conduct our work on and along the tracks.

Tracks and rails

We perform all types of work on tracks and rails. In order to be able to carry out the work quickly and simply, we have rail-mounted equipment and machines that can perform the work along the entire rail network - even in those areas not accessible to regular machines.

Rail welding

Rail welding is a type of work that requires special skills and expertise. Welders must have been trained on special courses and, once approved, must keep their skills up-to-date and their competence is regularly reviewed. Mesta employs its own professionals who are approved rail welders and who carry out their work all over the country.

Contact power lines

The power lines constitute the lifeblood of rail traffic. Any work performed on these lines must, therefore, be carried out with great precision and professional skill.

Mesta conducts work with contact power lines across the entire country, and in all conditions. In order to do this in the best possible way, we draw on our extensive expertise in the construction, maintenance and upgrading of power lines.