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In a country such as Norway with its demanding climate and topography, Mesta ensures that the road networks are open to traffic throughout the year. Modern equipment and dedicated employees help us to get motorists safely to their destinations.

The company has a presence across the entire country and in all of Norway’s counties. Long experience and unique expertise make Mesta the leading operator in the areas of operations and maintenance of road networks. The company also executes smaller scale construction projects.

The functional contracts (operations and maintenance) from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration represent the most important market for Mesta, but the company is receiving an increasing number of contracts in the municipal market and in the private business sector. The company has a nationwide organization with valuable local knowledge and a local presence, as well as machinery that has been adapted to our operations and the needs of our customers.

The operations and maintenance work is dominated in the wintertime by snow-plowing, salting and sand application. Spring, summer and fall months are spent on sweeping, clearing of vegetation and edge-trimming along roads.


Other products

  • Securing of mountainsides against landslides/rockslides
  • Maintenance of bridges and docks
  • Installation of guard rails
  • Operations and maintenance of parking facilities and airports